Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Benefits of Using Microfibres

For those of you who have not discovered the joy of using microfibers, here's a summary of some of the advantages:

1. Saves money - less cleaning chemials used, and cloths are reusable!
2. Saves time - microfiber collets dust/dirt in one swipe (even stubborn stains!)
3. Great convenience- very easy to use and clean.

Personally for me the biggest advantage is microfiber helps greatly in reducing time in cleaning chores. As one of my dog is sensitive to cleaning chemicals and the other has asthma and must avoid dust, the mop is really a life-saver! I use the dry mop to 'sweep' the floor; the user friendly handle enables me to pick up all the dirt/dust even in diificult to reah places as the base can swivel. I then just wet the dry mop, and use it around the house. One pass/swipe of the mop only is required to clean the house of stains. Microfiber cloths are supposed to remove up to 99% of bacteria for surface.

Will post some pics when I am not too lazy to get to it!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I finally bought the same brand of microfiber mop from the original supplier. For convenience's sake I bought more of the mops.........As I also found the microfiber cleaning cloths very effetive in cleaning, I bought more of the cloths as well, in bulk in order to get cheaper pricing.

So if anyone is interested to try the microfibers, please email me. I have extras for the following items:

1. General Purpose Cleaning cloth (35x35cm)
2. Window/Glass Cleaning Cloth (45 x 45 cm)
3. Mop set - inclusive one wet mop and one dry mop.

I found the cleaning cloth really useful as it saves me alot of time in cleaning up, which I really detest! After cooking the stove top is really oily! I jus wet the cloth and wipe the stove top and voila - squeky clean without trace of oil! You have to try it to believe it!!!!!!

The window/glass cloth is equally terrific, if not better!It leaves glass surface streak free, so if you stay in a condo unit with plenty of glass surface to clean you will really appreciate it!

For more information please email me at mshouseproud@gmail.com. I would love to share more info on how to save time and effort in cleaning!